Its a simple question, but much like Robert Fulghum, I can't stop myself from playing with simple questions. Robert Fulghum devoted almost an entire chapter to answers to the question, "What do you do?"

But my favorite is "Where do you live?" 

#1 answer : In God's Presence. Its what I try to remember daily, although I often forget. I live in God's presence. That's my address, that's the ground of being, that's the background. I can't do anything apart from God. Not just because of my vocation, and sometimes even in spite of it. I see the evidence of God's care and grace all around me. Its a great place to live.

#2 answer: In a small town. Small enough that if my son missed the middle school bus, his sister's grade-school bus driver would drive him over when she came by. Small enough to know most of the parents of my children's classmates. Small enough to effect change. Small enough, too, to have difficulty escaping gossip or rumor. And small enough to worry about my children having a less diverse view of the world than I desire for them. And yet small enough to know how embraced they feel. Its a great place to live.

#3 answer: In hope.  As a parent, I most often live in this place. I have to. I have so many many hopes for my children. Not just far-ranging grand hopes for the far future--although those live with me as well. I hope my son will make some friends. I hope my daughter will stop putting doll clothes on the cat. I hope I'll remember to turn the stove off before I boil another pot dry. I hope the world, a place I think is pretty awesome, will be even better for my children. I hope to one day have grandchildren. I hope my son and daughter will pass on every ounce of love I've given them (and maybe only 1/10 of the fussing.) All in all, its a great place to live.

Where do I live? Here, there and everywhere.