Begone Spirit of Rage! You've taken up more than your share of time in my head today. Yes, things were said that I wish I could counter, What was said was unjust. It was unfair. It was wrong. But no great social ill will be righted by this feeling of angry vengeance. Its time is past. I cannot go back in time to redo the conversation. However witty, caustic and RIGHT are the comments I now wish I had made, they cannot be made now. All the eloquently angry and sweeping speeches I wish I had made cannot be made now.

So Lord, give me the grace to let it go now. Give me the patience to understand that those who misunderstand, or deliberately provoke, will go now unanswered by me, and that is OK. Help me to know that this is not weakness -- that I am choosing to let these slights, these injustices go because they are directed to myself and I have that freedom. Help me to remember that my righteousness in your eyes does not depend on the opinion of others.

Begone Spirit of Rage! I have no more desire to hash it all over in my mind, to think and rethink every nuance. I cannot remake it, it remains what it was, it is as it shall be.

Lord, replace this rage with the grace and eloquence and patience to know that if I follow you as closely as I can, if I am to you as true a daughter as I desire to be, then it does not matter what others say. There is no need to change their minds. The only need is to do as you desire.