Record-breaking snow in the northeast, kids out of school.  Locked up inside with each other. Craziness ensues.

It begins with a discourse by Navioot on films currently being released, as well as Academy Award nominations. After four hours, Middle-School-Girl has had enough. "I don't care", she screams. Navioot's feelings are hurt, and so withdraws into room, like a turtle into its shell.

Middle-School-Girl commences the whining. "I want to go somewhere. I want to do something." Retreats into her room in order to gaze raptly at her phone screen, punctuated by rapid texting.

Two hours later, she emerges in shorts. "I've been nominated for the snow challenge", says she. Is it a fund-raiser? Is it a way to raise awareness of some good and worthy cause? I wonder.

No. The challenge is to jump into a snowbank wearing shorts. No reason, just do it. Friends are all doing it. What used to be called "peer pressure" in a kinder and gentler time.

I film as she jumps. COLD! Screaming on her part, hysterical laughter on mine. If I know you well enough, contact me and I'll show you the video. It's pretty funny. Pointless but funny.

We show it to Navioot.

"If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you jump too?" he demands of his sister. "Don't be a sheep."

He apologized later. So it goes.