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A Stupidly Optimistic Parent

Posted by Rebecca Black on Monday, May 7, 2012, In : Autism Spectrum 
This has been ringing in my mind for a month or so. Its a quote from one of my favorite movies - CLUE, starring Tim Curry, Martin Mull, Madeline Kahn and a host of other brilliant comic actors. Yes, it is a movie based on the board game. 

The line comes from Madeline Kahn's character, Mrs. White. It is revealed that she has had several husbands, all of whom have died under suspicious circumstances. When she is asked, "What was your husband like?", she replies:

             "He was always a stup...
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Online Ministry?

Posted by Rebecca L. on Monday, May 17, 2010, In : Online Ministry 
Who belong to your flock, your church, your worshiping community when your primary socializing is done online? It's an interesting question and one many denominations don't really want to tackle.

Some denomination leaders dismiss it as pandering, of trying to shape the ancient traditions of the church into a transient fad. Some denounce it as a "gimmick" to try and attract younger families (and what's so wrong with that, one wonders?)

If it is true that mainline Protestant congregations are p...

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