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Blessed Are the Meek?

Posted by Rebecca Black on Monday, January 23, 2012,
Who will inherit the Kingdom of God? In the beatitudes, Jesus said the blessed meek would do so. Strictly speaking, this means trouble for my son.

As an Aspie, my son would really never be described as meek.

adjective, -er, -est.

1. humbly patient or docile, as under provocation from others.
2. overly submissive or compliant; spiritless; tame.

I thought the following article* explained him quite well:

There are both positive and negative aspects to the personality of Asperger's indivi...

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What Was That? I Wasn't Paying Attention

Posted by Rebecca Black on Tuesday, January 17, 2012,
You'll never know what I wrote ten minutes ago. Ten minutes ago, I wrote a lovely and very long blog about how having ADD effected my early childhood and teen years. It was insightful and profound. As I pushed "save," my computer flashed a screen to say, "We are rebuilding your blog app. Save your work and post in a few minutes." I did so. And now its gone.

It led me to the same impulse, the same thought that prompted my blog about having ADD. As I get older, I am getting more organized and le...
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