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March 2021

Monday, March 1 - new couches, another virtual Lent, missing Dance competitions

Tuesday, March 2 - Is my generation the peak of the American Dream?

Wednesday, March 3 - Post-vaccination weariness; narrating my Mama's book; discerning next paths

Thursday, March 4 - Comcast issues; Church size theory and the gifts required for leadership

Sunday, March 7 - 3rd Sunday in Lent

Monday, March 8 - International Women's Day- learning about Althea Gibson!- go find stories of inspiring Black women because they won't come to you!

Tuesday, March 9 - The power of prayer; Maintaining relationships. reconciliation

Wednesday, March 10 - Chagrin for Covid brain; MCU timeline; Real world problems in Marvel; Bubbles and Echo chambers

Thursday, March 11 - Mary shared Rose Gold Brocade with me; showing off my DollarTree finds; Christ Church Waltham

Sunday, March 14 - 4th Sunday of Lent _ Laetare "Rose" Sunday

Monday, March 15 - My Mama made life fun; Why are those who provide services to children so under-resourced?; living in anticipation

Tuesday, March 16 - Tuesday Prayer Day; I detest Corned Beef and Cabbage; memories of Steve and Walter; The old Pour House - where does everybody know your name?

Wednesday, March 17 - St Patricks Day and my Irish heritage; my terrible brogue; a week of melancholy; the layering of Christianity and the story of Patrick and snakes

Thursday, March 18 - House-hunting-HELP: White Americans - why do we see ourselves as individuals but all other races have to shoulder responsibility for their whole race!!; Praying for Asian-Americans

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My Aspie Son and Dancing Daughter

Posted by Rebecca Black on Tuesday, February 28, 2012, In : Dance Moms 
My Aspie Son... Those three words begin so many conversations in my head, in my work, in my writing. My oldest child, my teenager, my boy. The one who only started sleeping all night by himself THIS YEAR at age 15. The one who still needs my complete attention every morning just to get him dressed and out the door.

My Aspie Son... If I say it, and you know anything at all about Autism and the Spectrum, you probably already have a vision of him. You may be way off in many ways, but you probably...

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A Valentine to my Children

Posted by Rebecca Black on Monday, February 13, 2012, In : Children 

Its's a Magic Number

We have THREE in our family and that's a magic number.

You may be chuckling if you remember that song from "SchoolHouse Rock." It's true for my family though--we are three and that's our magic number.

We are a triangle family -- Mom and Valerie and Kenneth -- one at each point of the triangle. 
Sometimes we are EQUILATERAL -- all three of us occupying an equal amount of space and effort and time in the family.
But that's pretty rare.

It feels pretty good when we get here. ...
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